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The Tone Life spark of life first ignited when founder Tony, had the idea to bridge his love of wearing costumes with his love of tee shirts.  


“Why?”, you might be wondering …


Costumes give you the power of expressing who/what you want without having to say much. Tee shirts, with the right designs, can do the same, yet be easily integrated into every day life. 


The aha moment downloaded something like ... 


I’m going to create shirts that inspire self-expression, self-empowerment, and are a wearable reminder we are energetic beings.


But, despite the vision, there was a missing link to help bring it to life. 


A year later, the missing link showed up ...


Salwa, a fashion designer with a passion for spirituality and energy work, was introduced to Tony by a mutual connection who knew about Tony’s vision. She suggested he consult with her for fashion business guidance. At least that is the part of the story they were given. The other is that she got a strong intuitive nudge they should connect, and being an astrologer, matched their natal charts to validate there was a lot pre-written in the stars for their union. 


Three hours of their first phone conversation flew by. Five minutes of that talked business.

It was clear to both there was more there to unfold beyond business. They leaned in to that, trusting the business would be birthed in Divine Timing. 

Almost three years into their relationship, which was devoted to strengthening their union, merging lives, families, supporting each other through their already existing businesses, and being dedicated to their ascension path, the time to birth Tone Life arrived.

As the energy of Tone Life is birthed by now co-founders Tony and Salwa, they know it will shift and grow to meet the collective where they are at, but one thing will remain as the leading force; creating through the sacred path of love. 


Thank you for being here, and sharing your unique tone with the world. 
~ Tony & Salwa 

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